Al Pettman is a freelance photographer based out of Trent Hills, Ontario and creator of "justaclick Photography". Al has been clicking for as long as he can remember. Al is the most comfortable when he is behind a camera, for that is when the world comes alive for him.

Al's unique style has captured the attention of international commercial companies, the arts and the public alike, yet Al understands that the connection between his subjects and the camera are a collaborated effort and his job as a photographer is not to create beauty but to allow it to flow from whatever is being captured at that moment. His artistry at tapping into the emotion of his subject and the ability to see what the average person cannot is his trademark.

Although Al loves to work in all media of photography, being a bluesman himself, with the love of his harps, he is drawn to music and the performing arts.

In Al's own words:


"No matter where you look there is a picture. In a blink of an eye, the image is gone. That moment has now become a memory in time and will never be there again. You do not just take a picture. You as ask, quietly, to borrow the moment".